Flooring Seals


The professional’s primer: easy to use, a rich–round, water-based priming lacquer designed to be used in conjunction with other Floorcoat lacquers, specifically: Solid, Unik and White Finish. It has an incredibly fast drying time (average drying of 15 to 20 minutes).


A truly professional single component water-based domestic grade topcoat lacquer, Complete is suitable for high wear domestic locations such as hallways, entrances, lounges, kitchens and stairs. A complete lacquer that does not need a base coat thus is suitable for both professionals with a difficult job that must dry quickly or a DIY application. It is quick and simple to apply – just three coats are needed with guaranteed no lining or overlapping marks (It’s almost impossible to get these in good conditions). Drying times, in the right conditions, are just 15 to 30 minutes maximum between finishing coats and fully dry in just 1 to 2 hours.



For the professional – a very high-quality flooring lacquer with a superior drying time of 20 to 40 minutes between coats and full hardness after approx. 1 to 2 hrs. This extra-strong, water-based, polyurethane topcoat lacquer has a multilayer technology that does away with the need for added second components. It also gives greater flexibility because you can use what you need, when you want, without the waste element and complexity mixing. A super-quick drying time makes it great in those time orientated jobs. To be applied directly to our Basic primer. Solid is ideal to use in very heavy traffic areas including shops and offices. Available in finishes of 15, 25 and 40 (Matt, silk and silk gloss).

Unik 15

Only for the professional, Unik has a slower drying time, but superior surface finish and look. It is extra heavy duty, very strong, water-based, multi-component, polyurethane top-lacquer. Multilayer technology removes the problems of having to mix two components to get the same hardness and chemical resistance, but still gives a superior finish surface with excellent chemical resistance. For heavy duty domestic and commercial locations and featuring a very high wear resistance Unik dries in 2-4 hours, with full 97% hardness after 4-6 hours.

Unik 5

Only for the professional – Ultra matt gloss 5 an extra strong, water-based, polyurethane, top-lacquer which gives the floor a superior finish and oil look – ultra matt is a unique finish with high resistance to chemicals and wear resistance that you only get with a lacquer, but with the natural look that only oil can give you. Slightly longer drying times 2 hrs after first coat 90% hard after approx 2-4 hour s (Only available in 5 ultra-matt)

2K Xtreme

Used for floors that require the extra tough and strong finish (sports floors, bowling alleys, dance floors), but it can be used in any application where the hardest wearing finish is required. 2K Xtreme is a water-based, two-component lacquer with extreme resistance and great durability. It results in a floor finish that is designed to last on floors requiring a hard wear resistant surface. 2K Xtreme is ductile and has memory allowing it to withstand the toughest environments – most two-component lacquers are so hard they lose out as a result of their lack of ductility.  2K Xtreme can handle any difficult locations and is particularly good with adhesion to problematic exotic woods. It is the professional renovators preferred choice in tough conditions.