Can I use a steam mop on my wooden floors?

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Despite claims by some leading manufacturers of steam mops being suitable for wooden floors, let us look at the reasons you should not use your steam mop on your beautiful wooden floor.

Can I use a steam mop on my wooden floors?

A recipe for disaster?

One of the most common problems associated with wood flooring is moisture

Being a natural product it expands and contracts it does not like drastic changes in temperature and/or moisture.

Wood is an absorbent material and steam cleaner’s use moisture at a high temperature to clean and sanitise.

This could cause the wood to twist and warp. If the moisture got down into any cracks and crevices this could cause real problems in the future.

What do other people think?

All of the major providers of wood floors or the major flooring associations agree that steam mops are unsuitable for wooden floors.

Furthermore all steam mop manufacturers that state there products are suitable for wood floor cleaning state that your flooring seal should be intact before using it to clean your wooden floor.

Would you know if your floor seal / Lacquer was intact?

Several leading floor seal /lacquer manufacturers also recommend that steam mops are NOT used on wood floors.

Steam will eventually damage the integrity of the finish, it could even cause the finish to break away from the flooring.

If something went wrong how you could prove this?

Is the mop manufacturer going to replace or help pay for any damage to your lovely floor?

Even if your seal is intact what about where the boards join and any invisible damage to the lacquer here steam could penetrate the seal and as it cools turn back to moisture causing damage over a period of time causing staining.

It could even get beneath the flooring and underneath the seal!

Using a steam mop on an oiled finish

On an oiled finish potentially the oil finish could be removed by the steam and the floors lose all its protection, becoming worn more quickly than normally expected.

Warranty and Guarantees

It could also invalidate you warranty from the manufacturer of the flooring and your installer guarantees.

This applies to solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring.

In fact engineered wood flooring could due to how it is manufactured( bonded using adhesives) delaminate and the glue could degrade resulting in irreparable damage to your floor which is not reversible.

We understand why floor sanders and their customers are often asked this, steam mops do not use chemicals and are considered a green option but in our opinion and that of many leading industry experts it is not worth the risk.


In short do not use a steam mop on wooden floors

A much better solution is to use

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