Choosing an Engineered Wooden Floor

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There are many things to consider when choosing a quality engineered wooden floor, we’ve prepared a short list of things to think about before purchasing.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Things to consider

1. The location of the floor

A room with a lot of glazing will be better with an engineered floor because it is more stable and can cope with constant changes in humidity and temperature.

2. How much wear and tear it will get

A busy area will need a durable floor like Oak and a hardwearing finish.

3. Is it coated with lacquer/oil

A lacquered surface is hardwearing and makes the floor easier to clean.
Oil brings out the grain of the wood and enhances its natural colour, however, it does need regular maintenance.

4. Aesthetics / what the product looks like

This really is down to personal choice more than anything else. The hardness of the wood and the possibility to re-sand the floor should also be considered.

Engineered Wooden Flooring and Underfloor Heating

We are not flooring manufacturers but with years of experience in the wood floor industry, we advise from experience.

  • We have found fewer issues with German/Polish Austrian manufacturers
  • Use a 3-layer system over underfloor heating
  • Some manufacturers claim it is okay to use 18 to 20mm thickness over underfloor heating, however the thicker the floor the higher the MU factor.
  • This means:- The heat transfer time is longer
  • The area takes longer to warm up
  • Uses more power to heat up
  • Heat release performance is the same as 13/15mm floors

When you buy quality you are paying for the technical long-term manufacturer’s reputation. As a comparison look at car manufacturers, it is the same principle for engineered wooden floors

  • Cheap Chinese Makes
  • Ford Vauxhall (Any Euro Manufacturers) – Eastern Europe Floors
  • VW / Mercedes / BMW – Austrian / Polish / German / French / Canadian

The Chinese floors mostly have little warranty, no green credentials and are generally on poor-quality ply.

What you can purchase generally in shops etc. is Eastern European which is of better quality.

Best quality is brands such as Parador (German) and Mirage (Canadian) high-quality flooring with 25 or 30-year warranties. They have a high standard of manufacture, sourcing wood from sustainable sources and they are very stable products suitable for most circumstances and situations. They are especially suitable for underfloor heating.
A professional should be consulted when choosing a wood floor, a specialist who knows wood floors inside and out after all it is a considered purchase for the long term.