Floorcoat White Finish Floor Lacquer

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Introducing Floorcoat White Finish – A single pack very high polyurethane and very hard-wearing floor lacquer. Our White Finish Floor Lacquer is available to buy online here.

Floorcoat White Finish
On Pine floors it will give it a Scandinavian look; we always suggest two coats, first, that should take the floor back to the colour the floor was after initial sanding giving it a very natural look.

On pine woods it can go straight on, no need for a primer coat, however, it’s always suggested a test is done just to make sure.

Hard Woods / red woods / exotic woods / Oaks, it’s recommended you apply a primer coat before applying this product.

The first two coats should send the floor back to the colour it was when you sanded it, giving it a very natural finish.

A third and additional coats will send the floor slightly lighter/whiter on each subsequent coating most contractors apply 2 coats, but the customer can ask for the floor to be slightly whiter or lighter then additional coats can be applied to make it so.

It’s is a similar Polyurethane to our Kitchen floor product Unik 5 or 15 in that’s has a very hard finish once it has fully cured.

Drying time after coating with a roller or between coats, is usually about one hour

Should be ok to walk on after 4 hrs and take light traffic after 48 hours.

It will take another 10 days to fully cure.

As with all water-based products “it’s vital” during this curing period that no cleaning of any kind with chemicals is done, as this can and will stop a water-based lacquer from reaching full cure-hardness, all that should be done during these initial 2 weeks is sweeping and vacuuming.

One sheen level which is a slight Satin Matt.