How to achieve a white floor

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White Finish is a commercial based lacquer. It uses the same polyurethane as we use in our lacquers for restaurants, school dining rooms and hallways.

It has a very high chemical resistance to high antibacterial cleaners used in these locations.

The more coats you use the whiter the colour becomes, starting at a natural looking colour building up to a whiter colour.


Floorcoat PU wood cover

In Natural and Natural White

Use in home locations alone, we recommend 3 coats.

These product will subdue the warmth of pine or oak.

They are very hard products and the white can give you white Scandinavian/Nordic looking floor, but you can still see the textures and beauty of the grain in the wood.

They do not overcoat well unless using a commercial 2 pack.



A cheaper alternative is to use FC47 or FC Home and use half a bottle of Mixol 10ml in each of the two coats (base and next coat) or 20 ml per coat if a whiter finish is desired.

If a harder whiter finish is required a top coat of White Finish could be used instead of FC47 or FC Home


There are lots of alternatives for getting a white floor we recommend doing test samples for customers, so you know your customer will be happy.

Don’t forget all our product have low VOC’s!