Our VOC levels are so low, they’re almost undetectable!

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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) in Floorcoat water-based wood floor lacquers/finishes – Our VOC levels are so near zero, they’re almost undetectable!

Lower VOC’s in homes

In the world we live in customers are becoming more conscious of the chemicals they use and put into their homes. Poor air quality can contribute to adverse health conditions which makes it so important to choose the right products for you and your customers.

Floorcoat’s greener floor lacquers and finishes

The lower the VOC content in a wood floor finish, the fewer chemicals the product contains. This means they will give off fewer chemicals in customers’ homes which contribute to indoor air pollution. They are also safer for the floor professional to use and produce a much lower odour.

Floorcoat’s certification for low VOC’s

Floorcoat lacquers hold the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort CertificateFloorcoat lacquers hold the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Certificate which none of our competitors currently hold, making us unique in the flooring industry in the United Kingdom.

  • It means our products do not pose health concerns for you or your customers
  • You are using the best products, near-zero air pollution
  • You are assured all our products conform to all regulations on VOC emissions

Third-party certification ensures product quality; this includes inspection of the production site in Denmark, details of the production process, production recipes, raw material checks and controls, internal lab tests, and calibration of equipment. This also includes full traceability. This process is updated annually and can be subject to spot checks.
Third-party certification ensures product quality
So not only are Floorcoat’s water-based lacquers great value for money they are also the safest and healthiest to use. Floorcoat are experienced manufacturers in Denmark producing a full range of floor finishes for every situation.