Basic Floor Primer

BASIC is a low-quality bedroom seal on its own, however, has proven to be an excellent quality primer for higher quality commercial seals like FC62/FC84/solid/Unik, and white finish, it does not need a primer but wear wise it is a lower quality so not ideal for a kitchen or hallway, the best use is landing/bedrooms library/study rooms.
The professional’s primer: easy to use, a rich–round, water-based priming lacquer designed to be used in conjunction with other Floor coat topcoat flooring lacquers, specifically: Solid, Unik /White Finish, Extreme, it can also be used with complete but complete which can be used on its own, It has an incredibly fast drying time (average drying of 15 to 20 minutes is not uncommon). It’s normal to be able to screen between coats (if required) but only if required, then applying a second coat or topcoat within 10 to 20 minutes after drying, (this can dependant on coverage and location temperature). Basic is an acrylic, and can also be used on its own, on a bedroom floor, or as a primer for all harder products in the range applied to new or untreated wooden floors.
Very easy to apply using a medium pile roller or applicator and can even be used as a topcoat in low wear applications, such as a low traffic bedroom.

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