Borat LUD (10 litres)

Borat LUD white natural finish of the scandinavian look water based fast drying

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Instructions For Use

Identify what the floor is coated with oil/lacquer.
If lacquer you will need to start sanding with a heavy grit.
Roughout with 50/60 grit then go over with 80 then 100 finishing with 120 grit do the same with the edges with edge sander.
Important then use a buffing machine with a 150 grit screen going all over to smooth out edges to main area.
Apply a coat of Boratlud mix in a bucket. Do this in 1 to 2metre square with a broom you will have brush marks at this stage. Have the buffing machine alongside you and go over instantly with a white pad to smooth out brush marks. Do this 1 to 2 square metres at a time. Where you cannot get with buffer, edges, etc. use an old white pad by hand to remove brush marks.
Leave the whole floor to dry for 1 hour.
1st coat of Basic with medium pile roller being careful not to miss any parts.
Leave to dry for 1.5 hours.
1st coat of lacquer with clean roller use brush round edges and roller over. Leave to dry for 2.5 to 3 hours. If there is any grain raising you must wait until the next day. Then go over gently with the buffer on a low speed with worn out 150 screens to denib being careful not to get too much heat. This buffing stage can be omitted if no grain raising but this is the only stage you can do this at.

2nd Coat lacquer allow to dry for 2.5 to 3 hours

3rd coat of lacquer
Do stairs by hand with a brush be generous with lacquer or with a small 4” roller.