Complete Gloss 15

COMPLETE still one of the best quality for money products on the Danish sanders shopping list. It is a very thin but high-quality seal drys very hard for a single pac lacquer.

A truly HARD Domestic lacquer for the professional, being a single component high polyurethane content water-based, graded for hard-wearing tough applications in domestic places, It’s a topcoat lacquer that does not require a primer unless it’s a redwood, then normal rules ally for redwoods. Complete is suitable for high wear domestic locations such as hallways, entrances, lounges, kitchens, and stairs. A complete lacquer that does not need a base coat thus is suitable for both professionals with a difficult job that must dry quickly or a DIY application. It is quick and simple to apply – just three coats are needed with guaranteed no lining or overlapping.

£41.98 Exc. VAT

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Matt, Silk