FC Home Satin Matt 10

FC HOME is a water-based superfast drying hard-wearing high-quality Polyurethane seal for the professional doing a high quality but wanting a lower more natural look to the floor– it is a very high-quality seal, ideal in any domestic locations, with a drying time of between 20 to 45 minutes between coats, and fully dry within one hr, and hardness after approx. 1 to 2 hrs of 75%. This strong, water-based, polyurethane topcoat lacquer has a number of multi-layer technologies. Does away with the need for adding a hardener component for faster drying. It also gives greater flexibility because you can use what you need when you need it, and then reuse what’s left on another job hence reducing the waste you get when using two component-based lacquers, just shake it well before use see back of the bottle for instructions, and leave to settle for a few minutes, The product and its hardness makes it a quick-drying product for the Domestic market it’s great for hallways/dining room and kitchen areas even, we always suggest a three-coat system and it does not need a base coat or primer, unless the floor is contaminated with a pre-wax or oiled product or a particularly tough high debris location, like kitchen floors. If the floor your treating has been pre-coated/previously coated with a hard wax or oil-based product as should be the case with kitchen area’s then we always suggest you coat it with our “barrier seal product as a primer first, buts always follow up with three coats for the best toughest and most durable coating and lustre finish. It can normally be applied directly to the floor without the need for prime-ring, but it’s always advisable to do a test sample area first before doing the whole area, it can be applied with either a roller or applicator, or lamb’s wool-long-ft. It’s ideal for use in very heavy domestic traffic areas, it’s not a sports floor or dance floor lacquer, but ideal for overcoating applications in shops and office areas.

  • Available in the finish of satin Matt
  • 10 Glans
  • Coverage 8 to 10 metres per litre
  • Sold in 5 litres
  • Product Datasheet PDF

£45.62 Exc. VAT

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