Oak Xotic Special Primer

Can be used with all our commercial and domestic seals. But is a super high-cost product that gives a really special classic look.
Floor coat Oak-Xotic is a single component primer for untreated and newly sanded wooden floors of oak and exotic species LIKE THE VERY DIFFICULT REDWOOD families, it does not get affected by contamination in the lacquers. The Primer actually enhances the natural beauty of the timber, promoting and bringing out the deepness of the the colour variations in the natural colour variances of the wood and colour, that can be created by the tannins of the wood.
Designed to be used in conjunction with Floorcoat Solid, and Unik lacquers. It should not be screened (if required) and apply a top coat or topcoat within 10 to 20 minutes after drying, (dependant on coverage and location temperature). Xotic is easy to apply using a medium pile roller or applicator. It is important not to screen/de-nib after applied – always careen after the first lacquer top coat.

£51.24 Exc. VAT

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