Solid Gloss 40

SOLID is a super hard product designed for ballroom dance floors, once dry it is a super hard seal and has very long-lasting properties, it should not be used on sports floors, even though it has the slip resistance for it, but it is ideal for a pub or local village hall floor any commercial property where high traffic is expected. Again it does not need a second two pack to make it go hard, it dries after an hr and fully to 90 /95% after 72hrs or 4 days at 20 deg.

We feel this is perhaps very similar to FC62 THAT HAS A MUCH HIGHER SLIP RESISTANCE BUT like FC 62 is one of the best products in our range for hardest wearing single component product on the market. For the professional most two packs are not as hard or easy to use as solid and FC62 ARE THEY ARE SUPER FORGIVING, perhaps the reason why 70% of all Danish sanders prefer FC62 /FC47 AND SOLID over other makes.-

It’s a well-known fact that soon Isocyanate will be outlawed from all two components lacquers, the new methods of adding chemicals to making them hard/drying fast is as proven, while we have said all along Floor coat seals leads the world with our easy to use forgiving seals, they certainly lead the field in the toughest market “Denmark” this is just one of our multiple component single Pac lacquers that are as hard or if not harder than most other two Pac lacquers tested.

FC62/solid – and Unik sports floor single Pac lacquers, sold are all very high-quality flooring lacquer designed for tough commercial applications, they are of the best performers and fastest superior drying times on the market, around 45 to 50 minutes between coats and fully dry after approx. 2 hrs. This extra-strong, water-based, high polyurethane content lacquer is are topcoat lacquer must have a primer before use it has a multilayer technology that does away with the need for added a second component for hardening, one of the reasons why they are so popular in Denmark and becoming the same in the UK.

It also gives far greater flexibility being a single component lacquer, because you can use what you need, when you want, without the waste element and complexity mixing. To be applied directly to our Basic/complete /FC HOME or fc47” call can be used to primer. Solid is ideal to use in very heavy traffic areas including pubs shops and offices. Available in sheen finishes of semi matt 15, gloss40 (Matt, and medium gloss)

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