Spirit Based “Barrier” Seal Primer

Barrier Seal is the ideal initial treatment for coating previously waxed floors, for Redwood floors, or reclaimed old very rustic or green oak, beams in roofs, its sealing ability and to stick to almost anything without causing the tinnins coming out of Oak is very high level, without a doubt we would always recommend a floor that has been previously treated by bitumen based adhesive or painted that after sanding a coat is applied prior to either a hard oil lacquer, like floorglaze, or if you leave it an hour it wan be overcoated with a water-based topcoat any from our range will be fine, ideal for timber or floors with unknown history of previous coatings. Additionally, it provides a fast method of priming/sealing porous timber and cork. Barrier seal will also help enhance the colour of certain timbers, as always we suggest with old or any renovation job, that a test area is conducted prior to full use to ensure compatibility. Drying time 10 to 12 minutes with overcoating after 1 hour is normal.

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