UNIK 5 Ultra-Matt

UNIK 5 is an ULTRA MATT TOP COAT, almost an oil look

Only – Ultra SUPER LOW at only 5 glans it has high resistance to chemical cleaners, perhaps the best product on the market or even the only product on the market that can be caned with ultra-high in chemical cleaners after its cured off, for this reason, we recommend its use like Unik 15 in any food beverages/canteen/restaurants where there is a constant need to keep bacteria at bay, it’s still a zero VOC free water-based, polyurethane. A top-lacquer which gives the floor a superior finish like an oil look but with a superior wear and tough surface for commercial applications. Ultra matt is a unique finish with high wear resistance that you only get with a lacquer, but with the natural look that only oils can give you. Slightly longer drying times 2 hrs after first coat 90% hard after approx. 2-4 hour s (Only available in 5 ultra-matt, and 15 silk-matt).
Should only be applied with a short pile roller and must have Basic primer coat applied beforehand. Must never be applied directly to the surface, the floor must be primed first, as like all high in quality polyurethanes they need a primer coat first to avoid steaking– this is an ideal product for those wanting an oil look but with the performance that you can only get from a lacquer that is always superior, harder wearing, and less likely to have water droplet issues with. “This you can only get from a quality lacquer finish”.

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