Stir your floor lacquer well for best results!

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Had a very interesting conversation today with a very experienced floor sander about floor lacquer. We are always telling you to shake your lacquers well and we have been trying to get some paddles made in metal to go on the end of your drills to assist with this.

Well this guy has taken it one step further with great results.

He still shakes a gallon container he then empties it into  his scuttle  then cuts the top off the container scrapes out anything left and puts it through a sieve.

Then he mixes thoroughly with his paddle on the drill.

Not only does he not waste anything , all the goodies are what settle along the sides and bottom of containers, but he is getting no lining or side bonding even after adding colour (Mixol) to his lacquer.

In fact he thinks it makes a much superior finish!

Give it a go and see what you think!