What product to use in a domestic area?

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Bedrooms/Dining Rooms/Lounges/ Kitchens and high wear areas what products do we use? FC47 is available in Matt or Silk, a single component, hard wearing lacquer that does not require a primer. Fast drying 15 to 30 mins. in good conditions. We recommend 3 coats, easy to apply and is a clear finish not adding any ambering/warmth to colour.



Available in Matt only. The same as FC47 but will add some colour/ambering to floor if this is what is required


Although we sell this product mainly as a primer it is a suitable bedroom lacquer for light use area. Will put a small amount of colour in the wood.

Customers asking for longer lasting finish in domestic locations there are a few options.

  • Oil PU in Natural or Natural white very hard wearing flat matt products
  • FC Home  then 2 coats of FC62 in Silk or Matt will give a lighter look but not fully Nordic on the floor but will last a very long time.
  • Kitchen areas we always recommend a top coat of Unik 5 or Unik 15
  • Unik has properties that can resist cleaning products, it requires a primer and is slower drying but the performance is superior in kitchen locations (including commercial kitchens) it is also suitable for wooden worktops.
  • If you need a very hard wearing floor in a domestic location and need it to go off very fast FC66 is suitable our TWO COAT system or FC65 a domestic two pack with a primer Basic or FC26
  • Floorcoat FC66 MattFloorcoat Pro Line 2k Matt FC65FC26 Primer Line XL

This domestic two pack will be fully cured in 24 hours

All these products have very low VOC’s making them safe to use for you and your customers